We provide an array of services to suit your IT needs.  Our staff Apple developers and Android developers as well as other platform developers.   Our service list is extensive and is customizable to your needs.

Websites (Internet and Intranet)
Our web developers design, develop and deploy both Internet and Intranet sites.  We recognizing that purpose of your intranet is quite different to the goals of your internet presence.  For this reason, we dedicate developers who are most skilled in each area to your project.  Our intranet developers work with you to develop an intranet that is informative and easy for your employees to navigate.  We create templates that are easy to update and expand.  Conversely, our web developers ensure that you experience a powerful presence on the internet.

Support of Existing Systems
There are times when a new system is not required or is beyond your financial goals.  We work with you to tweak your existing system, helping you get the most efficient use of your current system for a longer period of time.  We may provide patches to your legacy system or create additional interfaces to help your older systems work with new technologies.  Where necessary we provide work-a-round solutions where legacy systems are working less efficiently.

Software Development
We provide custom software for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.  Through extensive communications with you, we design systems that fit your needs and your specifications.  To ensure that our vision of your requirements meets your needs we develop a functioning prototype that key players in your organization can test.  We then adjust our specifications based on your feedback.  After making the required adjustments, we thoroughly test the new solution.  We then work with you to deploy your new solution.  And finally, we train your staff to perform regression testing to ensure that your new solution continues to perform as expected.

Mobile Programming
Onboard with us are Apple developers and Android developers.  Our developers use emerging technologies to provide efficient and attractive mobile applications.  Our developers are skilled in many of the top and latest platforms including Symbian, Java ME, .Net and Windows Mobile.

Database Management/Maintenance
Our Database Management and Maintenance team are experts in stabilizing legacy database architectures and planning for improvements, expansions, and integrations.
Your assigned database consultant will work with you to plan, create and implement a data center to suite your business needs.  The database management and maintenance team work to integrate existing systems with new solutions or combine multiple existing systems.  We prioritize in implementing scalable architectures and flexible Web 2.0 data layers.

IT Consulting
Our IT consulting team works with our developers and your stakeholders to develop an in-depth project plan.  We work with you to determine a course of action and work with our implementation team to provide leadership to install your new solution.  Additionally, we provide ongoing IT support with a goal of helping you resolve existing technical issues.  We work with you to implement IT strategies that will help your business meet and overcome the issues produced by an ever changing global business environment